Fluoride Treatment

Fluoride Treatment is very important to reduce the number of cavities.

If you have big problems with cavities, you may need intensive treatment with fluoride in addition to daily management. Such fluoride treatment can even heal superficial caries on the enamel.


Rinsing with 0.2% sodium fluoride solution, 1 time per day is a good supplement that you can do yourself at home. You do this if your dentist recommends it to you.

fluoride varnish

Fluorlacket containing a high concentration of fluoro, brushed on the teeth. The lacquer is solidified and then sit there for several hours. Much fluoride can thus be stored into the tooth enamel. If necessary the treatment may be repeated a few times per year.

fluoride gel

Fluoride gel is a thick liquid containing fluorine. We provide you with a customized mouth tray to put the gel in and detailed instructions on how to do this. Since you manage the treatment at home. The rail puts you over your teeth and let sit for five minutes so that fluorgelen have time to affect the tooth surface. You repeat the treatment daily, sometimes several months.

Treatment with fluoride varnish and fluoride gel has been shown to reduce caries by more than half.

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