Orthodontics / orthodontics

Orthodontics / orthodontics include abnormalities in dental and occlusion, which is often treated with tooth position. It can for example be needed if teeth grow crooked, too tight or if there is something wrong when you bite together.

How do I get braces?

It is usually associated with common dental health examinations and dental malocclusion detected. Talk first with your regular dentist if you have questions about the teeth and bite. If necessary, you may be referred on to an orthodontist.

If your child or you (if it applies to you) already runs the National Dental; consult your regular dentist, if necessary, arrange child / you will meet an orthodontist.

When should orthodontic treatment begin?

There are bite problems that are best dealt with during the period of growth for the best treatment results. Other malocclusion is not age dependent. Some bite problems can not be treated solely with braces, but must be combined with treatment. This means that virtually any malocclusion of all ages can be treated!

Can I choose what I want to wear braces?

In orthodontic treatment moves the teeth with the help of removable and / or attached braces. Before orthodontic treatment begins, a thorough examination of the teeth, bite and face, for example if the permanent teeth must be removed because it is too crowded.
Our most common method of treatment is fixed braces, known as rails, which move the teeth to give a good bites and straighter teeth. The common rail is of metal, but it is also porcelain brackets that are white / tooth colored and certain orthodontic clinics are rails attached to the back of the teeth.

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