Usability is the same as the benefit multiplied by the user. What does this mean and what can you do to get a better usability on your company website?

It is important to simplify as much as possible for today’s impatient users on the web, and if possible, shorten the path to the goal is for the visitor. The aim should not be more than three clicks away.

We usually talk about the four “doors”

    • The appearance
    • The language
    • structure
    • interaction

And a fifth door can be access and trust.

Ask yourself and your colleagues some questions

    • Who uses the page?
    • How is the site today?
    • Who do we want to use the page?
    • How do these groups use this, and what sites they visit continuously?

To think about in terms of design for better usability

The rule applies Gutenberg?

That is, are the most important information in a diagonal view from the top left corner down to the bottom right corner? Try to place important information along this line.

Logic Link

Place the most requested and use the links in the menus from left to right or top to bottom.

Consider AIDA (S). Attention, Interest, Desire, Action

– In that order when building side, for the visitor to stay and make a clearance. S is equal to satisfaction and will get visitors to return to the page.

Call to Action

Is there anything that stands out on the page, attracts attention and makes it easier for visitors to find the target? Eg a buy button with powerful formulation and attractive color?

Color Selection

Are the colors on the page pleasing to the eye and they work well together?
Fits for the message you want to convey?


Select the appropriate font and do not mix too many on the side, preferably not more than three. Use main headings, sub-headings and introductions. Dividing long texts into paragraphs.

Usability and SEO

Tools for improved usability

Validation of HTML, CSS, etc.

Make sure that the coding is performed correctly by validating the HTML and CSS and the page is useful for people who use communication aids. Strive as wrong as possible for the code to be read correctly by different browsers.

Validation of HTML

On page W3 HTML Validator . Validate each side separately.

Validation of Style Sheets

On page W3 CSS Validator .

Validation of communication aids

For people with disabilities to understand what is displayed and printed on the page. Among other things, that there are alt tags for images that can be read by communication aids. WAI validation .

Validation of links

Are there broken links on the page, ie, links that lead nowhere but only to a 404 page? W3 linkchecker .

Webmaster Tools

Create an account and test how the site is performing online. Get suggestions for improvement of meta tags, indexing, add Sitemaps, control response times, inlänkningar more. Webmaster Tools .

website Optimizer

Perform split testing, A / B testing where you can post multiple sites with different design and test which one is most successful. Visitors end up randomly in different places. You can test to see completely different sites or just change the content of a page, such as test with different words or colors.Website Optimizer .

Test your pages in different browsers and versions

Test the user experience in Internet Explorer 7, 8 and 9, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari and Opera. Adjust so that it is perceived as equal as possible in all browsers, and will be as useful as possible. For older browsers it may be virtually impossible to get to the modern tidiness, but then think first and foremost of the page to go to use the originally intended.

Mozilla Web Developer Tools

Installing Developer Tools and try to disable Flash, JavaScript, etc. Going hand to understand and use anyway? The tool is also good to highlight different elements on a page to view the DOM, images, H1 headings, etc. Mozilla Web Developer add-on .

Test how experienced side with lower resolution

How experienced site on a 800 × 600 screen, or on a mobile device? Could it be appropriate to have a mobile-friendly site? The answer is almost certainly yes.

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