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Among individuals have grasscycling become popular when it comes to lawn care. The approach is to let the grass cuttings remain after you cut the grass to use as natural fertilizer.

You do not need any special equipment for it. You can use an ordinary mower – eg electric or hand mower.

4 reasons to use this technology

  • It saves time. The technology reduces the time you need to devote to the care of your lawn with 40% – you no longer need to take care of the cut grass.
  • It saves money. When the cut grass is left you no longer need to spend money to buy garbage bags to it or pay fees for collection of garden waste.
  • It saves fertiliser. The grass clippings save 25% of the cost of fertiliser to the lawn. 50 kg clippings can produce 1.5-2 kg of nitrogen, a ¼ – ½ kg of phosphorus, 1.5-2 kg of potassium (these three substances are the main ingredients in lawn fertiliser).
  • It saves space in landfills. The 3 tons of clippings, as mentioned above, to landfills in some municipalities. Grass Recycling allows the lawns or the return of grass.

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How to recycle grass

  • You can use the model of lawnmower anywhere. When you use a non-fertilising lawn mower, remove grass catcher and puts in a plug instead. Many lawn mowers have an equipment kit that can turn it into a manure spreader mower. Consider purchasing a manure-blade that chops the grass into smaller parts.
  • Cut the grass to a third of the length of the blade at each mowing. It makes the grass healthier because the grass is cut into smaller pieces that can more easily break down. If the grass gets too high because of the weather, or you are on holiday, cut and then run over the cut grass again as they chopped into small pieces and spread.
  • Keep your mower blades sharp. Dull blades drag of grass that makes it brown at the edges. Keep extra sharp blades so you can replace it as soon as it is needed and thus not miss to make a good cut.
  • Cut only when the grass is dry.
  • When you need to buy a lawn mower then consider buying a fertiliser or recycling mower. Cordless electric mowers are strong enough for a normal-sized garden. In order to facilitate the charging of the battery, select a model in which the battery can be removed. It is particularly useful in cold climates where you put the mower in a cool room during the winter and that the battery requires a temperature above zero.

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Myths about grasscycling

Two common misconceptions about grasscycling: it causes a layer of dry grass or straw and spread diseases. These claims are not true.

  • Dry grass or straw formed by the parts of the grass that do not easily rot: eg roots, stems, and rhizomes . clippings consist of 75-80% of water and break down very quickly.
  • Lawn Diseases spread when conditions are conducive to these, and the grass is in bad condition.Most diseases develop when the lawns are watered incorrectly and poorly fertilized.

Reasons not to recycle grass

When the lawn for some reason can not be cut and the grass grows very high, so you should not recycle grass. Instead, it will collect together the clippings and recycles it in any of the following ways:

  • Composted.
  • Use it as fertiliser around perennials or vegetables.
  • Spread it on the ground paths.
  • Mix the soil of areas to be replanted.
  • Recycle not the grass of the lawn treated with pesticides preventive effect.

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