Then you’re not alone. Growing and harvesting instant turf is a labour of love that requires a great deal of patience and attention to detail. For their product to be marketable, instant turf growers and farmers must be careful to grow turf that’s healthy, robust and free of weed.

instant turf harvesing and growing

Sometimes this is easier said than done, particularly when farmers grow many different types of turf to accommodate the various environmental conditions in Australia, like Sir Walter Buffalo. Regardless of what type of turf is being grown, the process begins the same way.

Preparation Work

Before seeds can be planted, the soil must be thoroughly tilled, raked and cleared of rocks and vegetation. Next a fresh layer of compost is spread to fertilise the soil with the nutrients it needs for turf to flourish. Then, the land is tilled again to loosen the existing soil and mix in the compost.

Planting and Care

Once the soil has been prepped, it’s time to plant. Instant grass farms typically either grow their grass from high-quality seed blends or hybrid sprigs. Once the seeds are planted, it can take anywhere from 10 months to two years to cultivate turf before it’s ready for harvest.

This involves an intensive regimen of watering, mowing and fertilising. The farmers in Australia grow a number of different types of instant turf at any given time. Some of these are drought tolerant, others thrive in low-light conditions, and others are ideal for high-traffic areas such as backyards.


Now comes the fun part. Once the turf has matured, it can be harvested using a specially-designed machine that lifts strips of turf out of the earth like long rolls of carpet. The harvesting process is remarkably satisfying to see in action. The harvesters take not only the turf, but a few inches of the underlying soil so that the root systems have a base in which to grow.

The turf growers we work with don’t harvest turf until they receive an order. This means that you receive your order no more than 24 hours after it was harvested. Before you know it, you’ll have a great-looking, healthy lawn of fresh turf.

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